Reflections regarding a red brick tower

One day I walked into my dorm room and noticed a strange orange glow lurking on my wall.

Puzzled, I look around for the source of the light. Could it have been reflecting off of the nearby Sulzberger tower, which happened to stand across the courtyard…

… and was now soaking up the last rays of a setting sun? Apparently so. I had no idea that bricks could project a light reflection approximately 100 feet away, but I guess you learn something new every day.

I looked back up to see that the light on the wall had changed. All exuberance dissolved as the tower shifted back to its usual businesslike gray poker face:

The magic of the moment had vanished. My vision darted back to the spaces of my room as I frantically searched for any last glimpses of the fading light, only to find that my walls had safely returned to their usual state of dreariness. It was as if nothing interesting had happened.

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